World of Warcraft 30 Day Challenge.

Day 4 - Your favourite zone.

Classic: Lesse, favourite old zone would have to be… well, that’s a tough one. I change my mind so often since there’s just so much to choose from. I suppose it would have to be the Hinterlands, it plays an important role in my mains RP since it’s where he lives, and I’ve always thought it was a beautiful zone. I enjoyed the old quests too, though I will admit I’ve yet to do them since Cataclysm.

Outland: Nagrand would be the obvious answer, I guess. Such an amazing looking zone. I’ve RP’d there many times in the past. Just sat atop a floating chunk of land looking out over the landscape. Quest wise it’s usually my first choice to level my toons. Not the best quests around, but their far from bad too.

Northrend: So many. So very many. I appreciate all of the zones in their own way, I can’t get over how amazing they look. Each has its own little, hidden gems that just take your breath away! If I was to choose a favourite, I suppose it would be Grizzly Hills. You can’t beat a nice forest. It just looks fantastic and the soundtrack is wonderful. It’s actually a zone I don’t often quest in. It’s not that I dislike the quests, I just always seem to bypass it for some reason. Maybe I’m afraid I wont ever leave.

Cataclysm: Vashj’ir is my answer. Just because its something the game had never seen before. Being underwater it opens up whole new realms of appearance. The vast coral reefs, sunken ruins and schools of fish swarming around you as you traverse the huge zone. It’s a beautiful zone.

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